‘24/365’ BLACKPINK Completes Insider Game Mission… Explodes Their Variety Senses

2020-09-26 12:43 pm

[헤럴드POP=이미지 기자] BLACKPINK successfully completed the so-called ‘insider’ game mission which revealed their variety senses, making the global fans smile.

On the 26th at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded episode 13 of ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’ through their official blog and YouTube channel.

Hwang Jesung, who was in charge of the first period of ‘BLACKPINK Variety School’, appeared again as a special teacher. The mission he suggested in the second period to survive in the harsh variety world was the ‘insider’ game. It required BLACKPINK members’ speed and cooperation.

The individual matches were the ’15-second challenge’. One had to ring the bell after dancing to the music when the player felt that the time was done. The one closest to the 15 seconds becomes the winner of the game.

JENNIE was the first runner. Her excitement exploded when ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ started playing as the mission song, making JISOO shake her eyes due to her glamorous performance. She rang the bell in 18.12 seconds. She was satisfied herself with the result.

After receiving the baton, JISOO presented a zombie dance, which makes it easier to estimate the time, which made the people burst into laughter. The preparation move and dance moves were abstract, but it oddly went well with the song ‘Forever Young’. She rang the bell in 17 seconds. She marked a better record than JENNIE.

LISA, the dancing machine, was the third runner. She presented her skills when ‘Ice Cream’ started playing and rang the bell in 12.85 seconds. The teacher then gave extra points to the people who focused on dancing without coming up with a trick, so LISA and JENNIE received 1 additional point. Meanwhile, JISOO lost 1 point.

ROSÉ, the final runner, presented a dance embodying a second clock on the song ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’. It stood out artistically and was optimized to count the time. Her plan worked. ROSÉ marked the time in 16.72 seconds, which was the closes record to 15 seconds.

However, the speed points and additional points added and deducted afterwards made LISA first place, ROSÉ as second, JENNIE in third place, and JISOO as fourth place. LISA who won first place presented a celebration ceremony for herself as the ‘dance god, dance king’.

The group challenge began after the individual matches. The mission was a table tennis ball relay game, checking the members’ cooperation and teamwork. They had to bite a spoon with a table tennis ball and pass it on as relay in 90 seconds without dropping the ball, and they would win if they move 5 table tennis balls into designated boxes.

LISA, JISOO, JENNIE, and ROSÉ stood in turn and revealed their desire to win. However, it was not easy. The rule was changed to move 3 balls in 90 seconds, and BLACKPINK members performed greatly.

The teacher tried to bother them by making them burst into laughter, but the members focused on their roles and moved 3 table tennis balls into the boxes in 83 seconds, clearing the mission. As a result, members of BLACKPINK joyfully completed the ‘insider curriculum’ in success.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will release their official debut album ‘THE ALBUM’ on October 2, in 4 years since making debut. Since they will be targeting the global market, the album will be released at 12 AM in US Eastern Time, and at 1 PM on the same day in Korean Standard Time.

2020. 9. 26.