‘Yellow Waves’ Once Again by SECHSKIES… Reveals First Teaser For 2018 Concert

2018-08-16 06:20 pm

[OSEN=지민경 기자] SECHSKIES will bring more yellow waves that move hearts.

Today (15th) at 4 PM, YG Entertainment revealed the teaser video for SECHSKIES’ concert, ‘SECHSKIES 2018 CONCERT [Right Here Once Again]’ through their official social media and blog.

The video revealed passionate fans of SECHSKIES cheering for the members with yellow light sticks and balloons. The video showed members of SECHSKIES heading towards the concert arena with the phrase ‘SEE YOU SOON’, raising expectations on the upcoming 2018 concert.

Concerts held by SECHSKIES are known for their glamorous performances and touching moments. It is because the group recouped after a long vacancy, and since the group displays trendy choreography and stage manners along with hit songs that make the audience reminiscent. Every stage they perform becomes part of a new history, while their concerts are chosen as the most sought-after events by fellow artists.

They earned the modifier ‘present progressive legends’ through concerts that show various emotions. Their 20-years debut anniversary concert was held in Gocheok Sky Dome, proving their status as an ongoing top-class group rather than simply a first-generation idol group.

The upcoming concert is raising expectations since all five members will participating together. Solo and unit activities were the main acts during the first half of 2018, including EUN JIWON and J-WALK’s ‘PRIVATE STAGE’. ‘SECHSKIES 2018 CONCERT [Right Here Once Again]’ is the first concert being held this year under the title of SECHSKIES.

As the teaser video has noticed a very special meaning, the fans are becoming excited and paying attention to the group’s next move.

2018. 8. 16.