[STARCAST] iKON’s Last Blue Night in Jeju Island

2017-12-08 02:54 pm

7 members of iKON, who visited us every Saturday Night at 12:20 with JTBC’s global friendship project, ‘iKON PICNIC’!
I can’t believe tomorrow’s (Dec. 9) airing will be the last episode… T^T
We felt the emptiness of Konics who will be facing Saturday without iKON. 

And so, we prepared!
Behind-the-scenes photos of ‘iKON PICNIC’, only available from Starcast!
Are you ready to share the good ones? ( °͡ ʖ °͡ )*
We are revealing them right this moment. GET READY? SHOW TIME!

The first-ever school trip by the 7 members of iKON, which started with mixed feelings!
Although they are charismatic on stage, they are cute boys when wearing school uniform.
I almost got them wrong bigtime.

From the appearance scene by Jung Hyungdon, the teacher that teach you manners (a.k.a idol training master ★★★) to the somewhat awkward meeting with the Tokyo girls. 

iKON’s fluttering first-ever school trip began just like this. 

Did iKON’s big picture of breaking bad during the trip succeed? 

‘I will not date anyone.’ Leader B.I making a pledge imposingly, 

Turns out to be like this. B.I’s handsome eyes, but lost eyes. ⦿_⦿

Baggage inspection is a must! Jo Seho’s radar is switched on, he’s like a customs officer at an airport.

Hey hwatu why are you there… B.I: “Chuseok is coming soon.” This is the broad spirit from the leader and class clown. 

Time to party since baggage inspection is over! Fantastic Chemistry strength show by iKON’s 95 line cuts the start. 

DK’s perfect dance performance, and can’t miss youngest CHAN’s magic show.
The Get-Like-Me dance from all 7 members,
and the Korean version of ‘PERFECT’ was very enjoyable. (Check on the video below!) 

It was a happy talent show that caught the hearts of Konics.

The second day of the school trip!
iKON once again gives laughter from the games performed at the beach! “Where did you get the item CHAN. I’m jealous.” 

CHAN’s back in the beach and SONG watching him.

I will be sexy with all my heart. 

It was a good game…I gave it my all. 

JU-NE threatening iKON’s official game loser B.I with his lack of skills. 

The variety genius B.I, does not spare himself. 

This is the scenes from ‘Real Life Experience’!
Fishing team looks like they caught life from fishing.
 power  zen mode.

The sudden acting battle by the museum team. (Actually, more like a cutie battle.) 

What about the pork belly team?
“If you folks are ready, hand me the tongs.”
Anyone gets excited in front of a pork belly getting baked!
The exciting second day of the school trip is about to end.

The third day. The educated people performing morning yoga, preparing to have fun. 

JU-NE is serious about this. 

We’re all warmed up, let’s move on to the next location! 

This is the open sea. 

B.I’s face lost in the open sea.



Everyone gets hungry after playing in the water. The members head to the market for a cooking battle which will take place soon. 

B.I and JU-NE’s concentration breaks down in front of baked corn… 

Will BOBBY successfully complete his battle with chef SONG? 

Members gathered for the athletic competition at night, after the cooking battle. 

JU-NE displays charm. 

It was effective. JU-NE jumped. 

I am B.I! I give up my cochlea for the game. 

B.I’s honest cochlea. 

We meet again friend. Reunion of iKON’s 95 line.

But youngest CHAN is the final winner! The third day of the school trip ends. 

The last day of the school trip!
I’ve heard the members appeared at a mandarin farm?!
The combination of cute dog Puyo and JAY is just perfect. 

Handsome SONG looks good even with a potato suit on. 

JU-NE and B.I’s serious looks.
You guys look really good together. 

JAY’s fighting spirit to take the best picture ever for the Tokyo girls. 

Kim Jiwon (23 years, Cute) exploding with joy riding on a Segway. 

CHAN (20 years old, mature), more like an older brother than an older brother. 

And the last night of the school trip is here.

Starting with the honest conversations. 

And on to the dance time as hot as the campfire! 

Tears and joy~!
What will happen in the campfire that represents the last of the school trip?
This is the end of the behind-the-scenes from the joyful iKON PICNIC~!
The last story of the school trip will be featured tomorrow (Dec. 9) night at 12:20!

Thank you for watching ‘iKON PICNIC’, and please expect more from iKON, who will return with a more mature appearance! : ) Let’s last long, slow but steady~

2017. 12. 8.