AKMU once again… Holding “Special Music Event: WINTER Theater” on December 28 [Official]

2016-12-23 10:23 am

[동아닷컴=홍세영 기자] AKMU once again… Holding “Special Music Event: WINTER Theater” on December 28 [Official]

AKMU is kicking off the project for their new album release, by holding a special event to give music fans an opportunity to listen to their new songs, before the release of a musical short film for their new album.

On December 23, YG Entertainment (“YG”) accounted that AKMU’s “Special Music Event: WINTER Theater” will be held on December 28.

For every new release, AKMU invited people to a leafy park to give them an opportunity to listen to their new songs. This time, AKMU is holding “Special Music Event: WINTER Theater” to have a time to enjoy their musical short film “SPRING of WINTER” with the public.

The music event will not be live-broadcasted as previous events were, but fans who want to attend the event will apply in advance on AKMU’s official fan café on-line, so that more fans will be given the opportunity to attend the event.

The 20-minute musical short film “SPRING of WINTER” presents parts of every song in AKMU’s new album “WINTER”. The idea for the creation of the film began from a feeling of being between spring and winter. The film will present a remarkable chemistry between the AKMU brother and sister for the first time.

For the musical short film, more than twice greater budget, time, and efforts were invested than for general music videos, from the preparation phase to shooting and post-production work. The film embodies YG’s new trial for new video contents styles.

AKMU talked about an interest in the world, excitement for dream and love, and worries about themselves in the previous album “SPRING”. Music fans are now paying keen attention to what feelings and emotions AKMU will sing in their new album.

AKMU’s musical short film “SPRING of WINTER“ will be exclusively released on NAVER’s V-LIVE on January 1 in 2017 at 1PM. Then, AKMU’s new album “WINTER” will be released on January 3, 2017.

2016. 12. 23.