We Deliver 3 Announcements Regarding TREASURE, YG’s Rookie Boy Group

2020-01-06 09:00 am



First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who have waited for the debut of TREASURE,
born through the program ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ last year, for a long time.

We would like to make 3 new announcements regarding YG’s rookie boy group TREASURE,
with their official debut coming ahead.

The first announcement is,
although 7 members of TREASURE and 6 members of MAGNUM
were separately selected through YG’s TREASURE BOX’ program
and were named TREASURE13 as a whole,

it was decided that the three teams will be united as a single team under the name TREASURE.
It was a deliberate decision made to focus on TREASURE’s successful debut and growth,
so we ask for the fans’ understanding with open hearts.

We are making plans so that TREASURE will not only be active as a team,
but also be active through unit and solo activities in a way
that the group will get closer to the fans in various ways.

The second announcement is,
we have withdrawn YG’s initial plan of excluding the members from writing and composing,
and are planning to encourage and support the members of
TREASURE to write and compose their own songs.

The biggest reason why we have made altercations to our initial plan is
because many pieces of music created by the members during the past couple of months,
while TREASURE’s debut was delayed, received positive reviews within the agency.

We have found TREASURE’s new talent and decided that
it will be a great opportunity for them to shine even more brightly in the future.

The last announcement is that Ha Yoonbin, once a member of TREASURE,
has left the group as of December 31, 2019.

Ha Yoonbin has requested for consultation after deciding that
the musical direction which he pursues is closer to that of a solo artist,
rather than participating in team activities.

We have met multiple times and shared careful discussions
but have agreed to respect Ha Yoonbin’s firm will and opinion,
leading to the termination of his contract as of December 31.

We sincerely hope for a bright future of Ha Yoonbin,
who has worked hard with YG and the members of TREASURE
for the past year and 3 months.

After being reorganized as a 12-member group,
TREASURE will showcase new contents
through various channels starting from January 2020.

YG Entertainment will put the greatest efforts in providing support
for TREASURE’s successful debut and active musical activities.

We sincerely hope for the your love and support.
Thank you.