BLACKPINK Welcomes You to a Housewarming Party Through LAN!

2018-01-05 03:15 pm

They say BLACKPINK received a special gift for their debut anniversary.
That is, a 100-day vacation in ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ filled with dreams!

With ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’ coming up in January, we prepared something special for the BLINKS.

And that is…!

A housewarming party in BLACKPINK HOUSE through LAN!

They say you must share the good.

What happened in the first day of the move-in, filled with excitement?

Only accessible from Naver Post, the BLACKPINK HOUSE housewarming party begins now.

No, I can’t die with a heart attack already from the first picture.

JENNIE, pretty as usual, is looking at somewhere with Kuma.

While staring at the same place, LISA’s eyes widened up as if she found something!

I mean, how can you look cute just looking back. ⊙△⊙

What made JENNIE and LISA so thrilled…

It was the pink colored secret door, that leads to the BLACKPINK HOUSE!

A day when LISA’s smile was shining and the grass was green, the members moved into the ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’.

Look at LISA’s eyes, she’s almost in love.

How does it look like, making LISA fall in love at first sight?


The members do cook.

Starting with a dining bar in the style of kinfolk~

A yoga place that will take care of the perfect bodies of members!

The pretty yoga mat definitely belongs to BLACKPINK.

We can’t just pass by this place.

The dressing room for BLACKPINK, the ‘Wannabe Style Icon’!

The bedroom where BLACKPINK’s day begins and ends.

I can’t believe we have a program where we can take a look inside BLACKPINK’s house while sitting in a couch.

I love it. \( ́ ∇`)ノ

The garden is also very pretty.

Kuma’s done adapting to the new environment!

If we follow the positive-minded Kuma to the garden…

A visual attack waits for you in the middle of nowhere.

They look pretty, even with their eyes closed.

JISOO and LISA are the best at taking cutie selfies. Thumbs up-_-)乃

Now, we have to unpack our luggage ((※Caution※ Very Difficult)

Let’s begin.
Start with putting out the blanket!

Firmly taken care of!

Yes! I should clean my precious pouch as well.

And then falls into sleep.

The sleeping_beauties_in_the_woods_moment.jpg

Chichu and Dalgom also takes a rest.

Doggy cute Chichu and Dalgom, what a great combination.

It’s fun traveling while vacation,

but taking a rest in the living room is also amazing.

Lunch time after a short break.

On the day of the move-in, Jajangmyun is always right.

The mukbang turns into a pictorial, all of a sudden!

JENNIE got her apron on.

For JENNIE, the word ‘lovely’ is like a fountain that does not dry.

Now JENNIE is busily preparing for something?!

That is, home-baking…☆

On the first day of move-in, they decided to bake macarons for the neighbors.

I really wish to be BLACKPINK’s neighbor.

LISA on☆power☆ focus mode.

And the macarons by BLACKPINK are finished…♡

The macarons look like lovely flowers. ✿ ̆◡ ̆✿

The color just makes me want to taste it~

Macaron… am I… looking at the macaron made by BLACKPINK?

After completing the difficult ‘Move-in macaron’ mission, Members went out for a walk.

Oh so majestic Oh


Nobody can stop us.

It’s our first meal outside after the move-in to the BLACKPINK HOUSE, we can’t just eat anything.

A visit to SEUNGRI’s famous ramen restaurant nearby!

The busy but fruitful and joyful move-in day.

Sun went down and evening came to the BLACKPINK HOUSE.

What kind of special day will be waiting for us tomorrow?

If you are looking forward to the BLACKPINK HOUSE, filled with 12 joyful episodes?

★ January 6, Saturday at 9 PM.

First episode pre-release on BLACKPINK YouTube / V LIVE★

★ January 7, Sunday at 10 AM

First episode original airing on JTBC2★

Please look forward to the first episode of ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’~!

See you soon : )

2018. 1. 5.