GD Wants Exhibition to “Cut Across Pop Culture & Contemporary Art” (PEACEMINUSONE)

2015-06-08 02:31 pm


[엑스포츠뉴스=조재용 기자] BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON expressed his feelings on becoming the center of an exhibition.

GD attended the press conference at the Seoul Museum of Art for his exhibition titled “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage.”

GD commented, “When I announced the launch of my exhibition many had questions and curiosity for it. I am a musician and a pop artist. Until now I have been collaborating with various artists in the realm of music to fulfill what I do not have with what they have, and I think this can create a sense of synergy.”

“I wanted to hold an exhibition that would cut across pop culture and contemporary art. I would like to be the bridge to introduce domestic artists to the public who are not familiar with art or who find art unapproachable. Working with the South Korean artists was particularly meaningful as I was able to learn so much about what I don’t know, widening my perspective. I am really grateful for them.”

The title “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” is another name for the world that GD imagines—he idealizes PEACE but lives in a world deficient (MINUS) of it. It is the difference (ONE) between reality and the ideal world.

2015. 6. 8.