[Oh!SEN FOCUS] Perfect Match between BIGBANG and “Running Man”, Highest Viewership Rating in 3 Months

2015-06-08 11:35 am


[OSEN=정준화 기자] It was a real perfect match. Idol group BIGBANG showed an unprecedented synergy in SBS TV’s real variety show “I Love Sunday – Running Man” (“Running Man”). “Running Man” prepared more-than-ever exciting race, and BIGBANG live up to high expectations on them, by doing their best without being afraid of looking funny. That made the viewership rating of the show enter a double digit, and viewers are showing enthusiastic responses to BIGBANG’s performance in the show.

According to viewership-rating survey company Nielson Korea on 8 this month, “Running Man” of SBS TV’s “I Love Sunday” aired on the 7 recorded 10.7% of viewership rating (nationwide).

The record was 0.4% higher than last week’s rating. Notably, the scenes of gate 1 and gate 2 of final mission “Time-Track Racing” recorded 13.22% for instantaneous maximum viewership rating, showing an unprecedented success.

BIGBANG has shown only charismatic performances on the stage so far, but in “Running Man”, they made viewers burst into big laughter, doing their best in every game regardless of how funny they look. Plus, the psychological competition between the “Running Man” members led by Yoo Jae-Suk and the team of BIGBANG and Kim Jong-Guk made the race all the more exciting and interesting.

Their harmony with Yoo Jae-Suk was especially impressive. BIGBANG has co-acted with Yoo Jae-Suk for several times in MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge” and KBS’s “Happy Together”. So, BIGBANG members could engage in the race even more comfortably. Yoo began conversation with BIGBANG by talking about mutual memories, and that made DAESUNG who appeared in “The Family Has Come” with Yoo boast every piece of his wit and humor.

BIGBANG did not refrain from being funny from the first mission called “A Cuckoo Cuckoos Cuckoos”. It was a mission where the members had to walk through rotating gears, pass through a vinyl wrap, and say “cuckoo” for the time they spent to pass the gears and wrap. T.O.P and TAEYANG first penetrated through the wrap. The two caught the eyes by displaying their will to win regardless of their faces looking distorted. Notably, DAESUNG did his best to penetrate through the wrap, even though he was afraid of his girl fans being disappointed by his funny face.

In a water basketball match, BIGBANG members showed off their quick movements. The five BIGBANG members and Kim Jong-Guk did very well in the beginning, but soon faced difficulty because of the “Running Man” team’s fouls. Notably, TAEYANG’s pants were taken off by Lee Gwang-Soo and Ji Suk-Jin, so he could not get out of the water for some time, which created a funny scene.

The sweaty missions continued. The highlight of the day was “Time-Track Racing”. The members had to complete four missions while circling circuits. Sub-missions such as overturning a glass after drinking water in it, running on abacus, flag-pole teamwork, and unloading a bundle on the wall were given, and BIGBANG members won those missions as well, actively playing the game. Their will for victory left a deep impression. “Running Man” members also closely chased BIGBANG, doing their best.

Eventually, BIGBANG became the final winner and said, “We really enjoyed the race. It was so good to meet all the ‘Running Man’ members and play with them after a long time. We’re willing to appear in this show again when you call us”. 

2015. 6. 8.