WINNER YOON’s Solo Title Track Named ‘IYAH’… Participates in Writing·Composing·Arranging the Track

2021-03-19 09:18 am

[엑스포츠뉴스=김미지 기자] The name of WINNER YOON’s upcoming solo title track was revealed, gathering the attention of global music fans.

According to YG Entertainment on March 19, the name of YOON’s title track of his upcoming full album is ‘IYAH’. He participated in the writing, composing, and arrangement of the track.

AiRPLAY collaborated with YOON to create synergy effect by participating in the composing and arrangement of the track. AiRPLAY is a talented producer of YG who has previously worked on numerous hits by WINNER, including YOON’s debut single ‘Raining’.

The meaning of the title track ‘IYAH’ has not yet been revealed. The people are wondering whether it will be a direct expression of calling ‘someone who’s younger’ or just an exclamation.

YOON has noticed an album “like himself” through a self-interview format video series looking back into his past 10-year journey of making music. That is why the fans are looking forward to the story which the title track will include.

The title poster revealed today showed YOON’s sophisticated and unrivaled aura. Like the teaser image in the ‘release poster’, he is grabbing the people’s attention with his eyes and facial expression while keeping his warm emotions at the same time.

YOON’s first-ever solo full album ‘PAGE’ will be released on March 29. The physical copies of the album, currently available for pre-order, will be released on April 6 through nationwide retailers online and offline.

2021. 3. 19.