iKON Notifies ‘Countdown Live’ on March 3, the Date of Comeback… Will Communicate with Global Fans

2021-02-23 11:09 am

[한국경제TV=유병철 기자] iKON will meet the global fans an hour prior to their official comeback, through a live online broadcast.

According to YG Entertainment, iKON will hold the ‘Why Why Why’ countdown live on March 3 at 5 PM.

The broadcast will be held at a studio which re-enacts part of the MV set of ‘Why Why Why’. iKON will present various corners to introduce their new song and share episodes regarding the MV shooting. The members will also perform game missions sent by the fans, answer to their questions, and connect with them sincerely.

The fans can send missions and questions for iKON through Naver Form until February 25 at 12 PM. People will be given access to Naver Form through iKON’s V-app channel plus and their official fan zone.

iKON will release their digital single ‘Why Why Why’ and its MV on March 3. The short yet impactful 3-word title raised curiosities on the story of the song, while the people also look forward to iKON’s musical growth and transformation since they are returning in approximately a year.

iKON has noticed their variety of chars through teaser contents presenting their fierce concept in all-black styling and even a soft and sentimental concept. The ‘Why Why Why’ countdown live poster revealed today showed members wearing denim with their arms around each other’s shoulders, presenting new charms and different vibes.

Meanwhile, iKON has confirmed their appearance on Mnet’s boy group survival program ‘Kingdom’, scheduled to premiere on April 1. The people are looking forward to the group’s upcoming release since iKON has released numerous hits including ‘MY TYPE’, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, and ‘KILLING ME’ after debuting back in 2015.

2021. 2. 23.