[COMPREHENSIVE] “Capturing the Children’s Hearts” … BLACKPINK Fills ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ With Silly Charms in ‘Idol Room’

2018-06-23 09:15 pm

[헤럴드POP=천윤혜기자] BLACKPINK fascinated Jung Hyeong-don and Defconn with their fresh and silly charms. 

On JTBC ‘Idol Room’ aired on the 23rd, BLACKPINK appeared as guests and displayed various charms. 

BLACKPINK brought a present on their first visit to ‘Idol Room’. The gift was toilet paper in black and pink. JENNIE displayed the groups’ unique charms by stating, “It’s the toilet paper we use at home”. 

The PICK-dol Close-up Camera corner followed. The members laid down, making cute facial expressions. In the end, JISOO was selected as the PICK-dol of the day. JISOO made a silly response on the question asking her determination, making the people laugh. She also displayed the peak of silliness by stating, “I like the word ‘Boong’”. 

During the ‘357 dance’ corner, Jung Hyeong-don offered a bet to the members. 

Jung Hyeong-don stated, “If you succeed, I’ll buy you barbeque. But if you fail, you should gift us something”. JISOO responded “We’ll give you something small. I think we’ll miss” and added “We’ll give you our mini album and autographs”. 

The song they challenged was ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’. However, JISOO made a mistake from the start and fell into the number trap. She described the game’s difficulty by stating “It’s a really hard game”. 

When the game started, the members started to adapt and Jung Hyeong-don yelled ‘soon’, Thai for 0, as a fatal blow.

However, LISA did not remember 0 although she came from Thailand and the members responded, “She learned numbers from 1”.

During the second challenge with the song ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, BLACKPINK failed due to Chinese attacks.

The ‘fact-check’ corner followed. ROSÉ started proving the story of her voice with golden frequencies. ROSÉ showed off her stable high notes while dancing on the word that she can sing stably while dancing. Then she recited the lyrics of ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’ as if she was reading poems, which made everyone laugh. Jung Hyeong-don told ROSÉ to become a DJ. 

JISOO also revealed her silly charms in a different way.

JISOO revealed that she wants to release an album of children’s songs. She stated, “I like children’s songs because they get stuck in your ear even when you hear it just once” and continued “My favorite is the one you throw rocks without your sister knowing”, making the people burst into laughter. 

To check her love for children’s songs, children who are masters at the children’s song field visited the studio. LISA passionately performed the ‘baby shark’ dance, but the children did not show interest. JENNIE performed ‘Three Bears’, ROSÉ performed ‘Jungle Forest’, and JISOO performed ‘Little Star’, to capture the hearts of children.

LISA had the ability to imitate dances just by seeing them once. She imitated the choreography for ‘Red Flavor’ and ‘What is Love?’ like a computer after seeing them once, surprising the people.  

The members also challenged dancing ‘BOOMBAYAH’ on pump. LISA made the people laugh with her unique steps despite expectations on her as the strongest candidate, while JENNIE performed magnificently. 

2018. 6. 23.