BIGBANG’s perfect comeback + unprecedentedly perfect finale (ft. T.O.P) [V-LIVE]

2016-12-13 12:15 am

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group BIGBANG‘s gift for fans was lavish. BIGBANG met fans after a long time of absence, to introduce their new songs, unveil behind stories, and answer to fans’ questions.

From 11PM on December 12, BIGBANG hosted BIGBANG “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”s countdown-live broadcasting, on search engine NAVER’s V-APP. The members introduced their new album to fans with big excitement for the release of their first full album in eight years.

BIGBANG first greeted fans and then introduced their new album. SEUNGRI expressed his gratitude for T.O.P, saying, “There is an art-holic, eccentric artist. The album has been successfully produced thanks to artist T.O.P’s great help”.

BIGBANG also unveiled the process of producing “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”. TAEYANG said, “We began working for the album in earnest two years ago. We had originally started working after deciding to release a full album, but we came to release single albums. That became the MADE series. Now, the full album of the MADE series is being released. There have been some moments when I wanted to give up”. TAEYANG’s remark shows how much burden and tension BIGBANG had for the new full album.

BIGBANG also introduced “FXXK IT”, “LAST DANCE”, and “GIRLFRIEND”, the new songs of the new album, one by one. They unveiled the behind story of “FXXK IT”, saying, “In terms of genre, it’s future bounce. In fact, genre is not that important. We had to make ‘MADE’ album. We gathered together to think about what to do with it and while thinking, someone said ‘Fxxk it, let’s just do it’. That was how this song was born”.

Then, the members explained that “LAST DANCE” was about the story of BIGBANG for the past 10 years. They said, “We remember how much SEUNGRI liked this song”. SEUNGRI expressed his affection for the song, saying, “I just love the song. When I listen to this song, it reminds me of the 10 years of BIGBANG. It’s a song that says who we are”.

T.O.P’s vocal is included in “LAST DANCE”. It is a song that can represent the 10 years of BIGBANG. BIGBANG members explained, “We tried to express many things in our songs in the past, but this time, it was like emotions were created in emotions”.

DAESUNG explained about “LAST DANCE”, saying, “It is a song that talks about the hearts of all of us. You will be able to feel that you’re with us while listening to this song”.

For the last new song “GIRLFRIEND”, BIGBANG said, “It was written quite some time ago, when we were working on MADE singles, but it was not included in the singles. I personally have listened to this song for two years now. I like it more and more every time I listen to it. I think it is a song that never bores you, so you can listen to it over and over again. BIGBANG’s flagship hip-hop feel and melancholic feel are well expressed in the song”. Notably, T.O.P worked especially hard on the song, revising his rap part as many as 20 times.

Along with the introduction of new songs, BIGBANG had a Q&A session with fans. BIGBANG answered fans’ questions selected by voting in advance, to satisfy their curiosities. After the Q&A session where BIGBANG directly communicated with fans, SEUNGRI received many “happy birthday messages” that fell on the day of the broadcasting.

Notably, BIGBANG unveiled the music videos of their new songs for the first time. The music video of “FXXK IT” was unveiled before the release of the song, to satisfy fans’ anticipation and to even further raise their anticipation for the next new song. SEUNGRI said, “The concept of this song is to display the five of us together all the time”.

Then, the music video of “LAST DANCE” was unveiled. TAEYANG said, “I feel lucky that we can release this song at this moment. It is a meaningful song”. SEUNGRI said, “It is a song that talks to our fans”.

BIGBANG also mentioned their plan for the new full album. They raised fans’ anticipation by talking about their appearance in not only TV music shows but also “The Infinite Challenge” and “Radio Star”. BIGBANG also hinted on another new song that is not included in the full album, saying, “We also have two undisclosed songs. We’re doing another preparation for those songs”.

BIGBANG talked about their concert as well, saying, “We have a special event for fans, too. The concert will be very meaningful”.

Lastly, BIGBANG members toasted each other for the success of the new full album for which they have worked for a long time. T.O.P made the special drink for toast, with his own recipe. BIGBANG’s live-broadcasting right before their comeback presented the joy of listening to new songs together and unprecedented fan service of BIGBANG’s introduction of their new songs. That was the perfect finale for BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary project. 

2016. 12. 12.