YOON’s Solo Album Coming Soon… “The Album Will Be About Me”

2021-03-17 02:03 pm

[한경닷컴=이준현 기자] While YOON’s sincere confessions are grabbing the hearts of music fans day by day, YG officially announced that his first-ever solo album is releasing soon.

On March 17, YG Entertainment uploaded the ‘KANG SEUNG YOON – COMING SOON TEASER’ through their official blog. YOON’s solo album, noticed to be released during March, has finally unveiled one of its layers.

In the fast transitioning clip, YOON presented his variety of mood and visuals. The video included an acoustic guitar sound with his charming low-tone vocals, grabbing the ears of fans.

It is unprecedented for a first comeback teaser from a YG artist to contain part of an upcoming track. Detailed information on the song has not yet been revealed, but even the lyrics ‘Everything, everything without regret’ were also revealed, raising the curiosities of the listeners.

YOON is sharing stories from deep inside his heart through ‘THE PREQUEL’, which is a self-interview video looking back to his past 10-year journey of creating music.

On the fourth video of ‘THE PREQUEL’, introduced prior to the teaser, YOON moved the viewers’ hearts by revealing his special affections towards his team WINNER and his fans, rather than for himself.

YOON reminisced the time he appeared on MBC ‘King of Masked Singer’ last year from March until May. He rewrote history by becoming the King at the show 6 consecutive times, for the first time as an idol. The show firmly engraved the aspects of ‘YOON as a vocalist’, but he cared more about WINNER and his fans rather than the favorable reviews he received.

He stated, “It was a title that allowed our members to say, ‘This is our vocalist’. It was like gifting a weapon and a shield for our fans who have met people who didn’t my style because of personal preference, or such reactions. I felt proud because of that the moment I became King at the show”.

He also added, “It was another turning point. ‘King of Masked Singer’ is a grateful program that led my fiery passion on singing to evolve. I will never forget it for the rest of my life”.

On the thoughts he has on making his first-ever album release and making comeback as a solo artist in approximately 8 years, YOON revealed, “I’m excited. I don’t know if the songs will be successful. This album will be about me, and it will be who I am”.

He also explained that he felt what the music fans expect when he appeared on ‘King of Masked Singer’, which also led to pressure on making his songs becoming successful. But after putting in a lot of thought, YOON stated, “I’ve came to the conclusion that I should present the music styles I would like to show, and say what I want to say. I don’t have to explain in words, I just have to tell them through the album. The album will be like that”.

YOON is the one who’s created hits such as ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘ISLAND’, ‘EVERYDAY’, ‘MILLIONS’, and ‘AH YEAH’. The people are looking forward to his comeback even more since it is said that YOON is personally putting in his efforts on not only the writing, composing, and producing of all tracks, but also in the MV production.

2021. 3. 17.