iKON Reveals ‘Why Why Why’ Intro… Sophisticated Sounds Raise People’s ‘Expectations’

2021-02-22 10:55 am

[스타뉴스=윤상근 기자] Idol group iKON revealed a concept teaser clip revealing iKON’s new charms and part of their upcoming single ‘Why Why Why’.

On February 22, YG Entertainment uploaded the iKON – DIGITAL SINGLE CONCEPT TEASER #2 for their upcoming digital single, through the agency’s official blog.

The 6 members of iKON grabbed the viewers’ attention with their nostalgic eyes and mellow vibes. The exchanging lenses captured the members’ close-up visuals effectively, maximizing iKON’s dreamlike charms. It emitted a tone in contrast with the chic all-black charisma presented through their first concept teaser.

Moreover, the BGM used for the video was part of the song ‘Why Why Why’, which grabbed the listeners’ ears. JU-NE’s appealing vocals singing ‘Why, why, why do we’ along with the sentimental guitar riff and the sophisticated drum beats raised curiosities on the full version of the song.

iKON will release their digital single ‘Why Why Why’ and its MV on March 3. The short yet impactful 3-word title raised curiosities on the story of the song, while the people also look forward to iKON’s musical growth and transformation since they are returning in approximately a year.

iKON has established the group’s new direction through their third mini album ‘i DECIDE’, released last year on February. The album topped iTunes charts in 24 different countries, including Japan. The album was also placed on the top ranks of major Chinese music platforms, proving the group’s unchanged global popularity.

Meanwhile, iKON has confirmed their appearance on Mnet’s boy group survival program ‘Kingdom’, scheduled to premiere on April 1.

2021. 2. 22.