‘YG TREASURE BOX’ Only the Finals Remain… Which 7 Trainees Will Make Their Dreams Come True? [YESTERDAY V]

2019-01-12 09:50 am

[OSEN=지민경 기자] Which of the 7 trainees will make their dream of making debut turn to reality among the 13 trainees who advanced to the final stage.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ broadcasted through Naver VLIVE on the 11th showed the competition between the four teams to advance to the final round.

The semi-finals to determine the finalists through votes by 300 audiences finally began, and the trainees revealed their skills developed through hard work during their live performances. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK revealed that a total of 11 people will advance to the finals. He also made the trainees flustered by announcing that while all members of the team with the most audience votes, 3 people from the no. 2 team, 2 people from the no. 3 team, and 1 person from the no. 4 team were to advance to the final round.

Starting with Treasure 5’s performance of ‘Going Crazy’, CHOI HYUNSUK, PARK JIHOON, KIM YEONGYU, YOSHINORI, and KIL DOHWAN’s team performed Wanna One’s ‘BOOMERANG’, SO JUNGHWAN, YOON JAEHYUK, KANG SUKHWA, KIM JONGSEOB, and JANG YUNSEO’s team performed EXO’s ‘Growl’, LEE BYOUNG GON, MASHIHO, KIM JUNKYU, KIM DOYOUNG, and HA YOONBIN’s team performed iKON’s ‘DUMB & DUMBER’, while the Treasure 5 composed of BANG YE DAM, KIM SEUNGHUN, PARK JEONGWOO, KEITA, and HARUTO presented BTS’ DNA.

All four teams presented satisfactory performances after hard work and practice, and YANG HYUN SUK also did not hesitate to praise them. However, the teams were ranked according to votes, and the teams were in joy and sorrow according to their rankings. Team LEE BYOUNG GON, MASHIHO, KIM JUNKYU, KIM DOYOUNG, and HA YOONBIN surprised the viewers by being the unexpected no. 1 team after defeating Treasure 5, the strongest no. 1 candidate.

However, the joy did not last long at the reality that they had to send away their colleagues who struggled together throughout the show. While all members of the no. 1 team advanced to the finals, BANG YE DAM, HARUTO, and PARK JEONG WOO from the ‘DNA’ team placed at no. 2 advanced to the finals. CHOI HYUN SUK and PARK JIHOON from the ‘BOOMERANG’ team advanced to the final round, while SO JUNGHWAN from the ‘Growl’ team was the only member to advance to the finals.

The 11 trainees were selected as the finalists, but the preview at the end of the show revealed that 2 additional members were given the opportunity to advance to the finals, making the viewers curious on who will be the 2 additional finalists.

Furthermore, the number of final debut members were revealed. The initial debut member number was 5 people, but YANG HYUN SUK announced that a total of 7 people will make final debut after a lot of thought. The people are paying keen attention on which 7 trainees out of the 13 finalists will make their dream of making debut turn into reality.

2019. 1. 12.