2018-03-07 08:29 am

Konics make some noise~~!!!!

2018’s best artist iKON,

Who even created the new word ‘iKONcrete’ with their unrivaled no. 1 in music charts!

They created a special event to meet the fans that supported iKON,


Where ‘KONNECTION’ of 7 members and Konics will happen

So, we prepared~

VCR scenes from 2018 PRIVATE STAGE!

Let’s go meet them now~ 2018 PRIVATE STAGE

Our leader B.I, shaking the hearts of Konics

While preparing for filming

Details from the video is confidential!

Check PRIVATE STAGE (wink)

If you stare like that… thank you (oh yeah)

JAY’s beauty is working hard today as always

He owns this place!

Cool and cute, just does everything

BOBBY with a guitar beats my heart

The man without exit #heartpounding #beware

Those eyes monitoring the video!


Now iKON’s most popular!

Yes~ Yes~ It’s SONG~♬

Not going to miss a single thing


‘Did you just call me?’

JU-NE’s eye contact with his chic charm

The popular senior in school look!

I’ll keep this scene ‘in my heart’

DK, mischievous during the day, but an artist when working

DK with the unexpected charms on focus!

He’s carrying a concert bat while missing Konics at

2018 PRIVATE STAGE where they will shine once again

Everyone pay attention~~!!

It’s CHAN, handsome as usual

Looks cool even when reading a script

I wonder what video that will be!

After completing individual shooting,

I see members writing something~

The content carefully written by members stated,

“Wait for me~ I’m heading to meet the Konics~

I’ll be running through time”

And~ (drum rolls)

A group bonus cut photo

For all of you that waited to meet iKON for a long time~

D-5 until we KONNECT with iKON!

It’s their meeting with Konics,

Which 7 members prepared harder than ever

So please show love and support~~

Let’s meet at Olympic Hall together ♡

2018. 3. 7.