Giant YG’s Intimidating Expansion: Music, Movie, Comedy & Now Art

2015-06-08 03:37 pm


[enews24=김지연 기자] The “giant” of the music industry, YG Entertainment, is expanding itself in almost an intimidating way.

Apart form musicians, the agency is also home to actors like CHA SEUNG WON, CHOI JI WOO and JANG HYUN SUNG, having an impact on the movie world. Recently it offered a spot to a scriptwriter YOO BYUNG JAE and a comedian AHN YONG MI, surprising the public. And now YG is using the fame of its musician to push forward collaboration with the art circle, expanding its influence to all kinds of realms.

A press conference was held at the Seoul Museum of Art for the exhibition titled “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” in the evening of June 8.

The exhibition is meaningful in the sense that GD’s cultural vision is expressed through the language of visual art, eliminating the boundary between different genres. He helps make art more approachable for the public, and also the entire range of population to relate and enjoy.

The title “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” is another name for the world that GD imagines—he idealizes PEACE but lives in a world deficient (MINUS) of it. It is the junction (ONE) between reality and the ideal world.

GD, who has a huge number of fans as a global artist, shows his determination to expand his influence to a new realm by collaborating with contemporary artists.

In fact, personnel from the Museum said that the exhibition became a reality when “YG suggested it last May.”

14 artists from South Korea and abroad including Michael Scoggins, Sophie Clements, James Clar, Universal Everything, Quayola, Fabien Verschaere, Society of Architecture, Kwon Oh Sang, Bang & Lee, Park Hyung Geun, Sohn Dong Hyun, and Jin Gi Jong will be displaying their work. GD worked on selecting the artists for one year, while collaborating with them to convey the idea of “PEACEMINUSONE.”

So unlike his other exhibitions which were free, the entrance fee is KRW 13,000. Kim Hong Hee, the director of Seoul Museum of Art commented, “Most art exhibitions are free, but this time we are collecting entrance fees as our expenditure for this was simply massive. You would know from GD’s shows that the budget of the exhibition is quite high, and as a result we have to collect some fees. I think this is our job to widen our spectrum by collaborating with agencies such as YG.”

The exhibition displays a total of 200 artwork including sculpture, installation, photographs and painting work that were born from the artistic solidarity formed between GD and the artists. The exhibition will be held overseas as well, going from Seoul to Shanghai, Singapore and more, to be introduced to international audience. Exhibition in Seoul will be held from July 9 to August 23.

2015. 6. 8.