Seoul Museum of Art Director: “Collabo with GD, Experiment & Pressure”

2015-06-08 02:38 pm

[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] In the midst of the hype of GD becoming the center of an art exhibition, Kim Hong Hee, the director of Seoul Museum of Art, emphasized her intention.

The press conference of the exhibition “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” was held at Seoul Museum of Art.

Kim commented, “Collaboration with GD was an experiment but I felt the pressure. Such challenges are accompanied by risks, but without a challenge changes can never be made.” She expressed her anticipation she has for contemporary art.

“A new tradition is made by expressing GD’s musical philosophy by visual art. GD can attract young and new audience.”

To this GD commented, “Until now I have been collaborating with various artists in the realm of music to fulfill what I do not have with what they have, creating this sense of synergy. I would like to use this opportunity to collaborate with artists in the realm of visual art to have an exhibition that crosses over to contemporary art from the genre of music.”

The title “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” is another name for the world that GD imagines—he idealizes PEACE but lives in a world deficient (MINUS) of it. It is the difference (ONE) between reality and the ideal world.

The exhibition displays a total of 200 artwork including sculpture, installation, photographs and painting work that were born from the artistic solidarity formed between GD and the artists. The exhibition will be held overseas as well, going from Seoul to Shanghai, Singapore and more, to be introduced to international audience.

2015. 6. 8.