GD Topping Overseas iTunes Charts Again… His Main Album in 23rd and 59th Places in US iTunes

2013-09-06 02:04 pm


[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] Boy Band Big Bang (G-Dragon, Top, Taeyang, Dae Sung, Seungri)’s lead singer G-Dragon has topped overseas music and album charts once again, with his new solo album.

As of September 6th, 9:40 a.m. (KST), G-Dragon’s second full solo album “Coup d’Etat” Part 2 is at the top place in Top Albums charts, a main album chart of iTunes, in many countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Furthermore, “Coup d’Etat” Part 1, which has already topped many countries’ iTunes Top Albums charts upon being released, is still in the first place in Vietnam’s iTunes Top Albums chart.

Now, G-Dragon’s “Coup d’Etat” Part 1 and Part 2 are ranked in 23rd and 59th places respectively, in the iTunes Top Albums chart of the USA, the world-biggest pop music market. In the hip-hop/rap music album chart of the USA iTunes, “Coup d’Etat” Part 1 and Part 2 are in the 3rd and 7th places respectively.

This once again clearly shows that G-Dragon is very popular not only within Korea but also in many foreign countries.

On September 2nd, G-Dragon released “Coup d’Etat” Part 1, his second full solo album, which has five songs including title tracks “Black” and “Who You?”. On “Coup d’Etat” Part 2 which was released on the 5th, there are seven new songs including other title tracks “Crooked” and “Niliria” (G-Dragon’s version).

G-Dragon is disclosing another version of “Window” and “Black” on the 13th and officially releasing his 2nd full solo album off-line.

Meanwhile, as of the morning of Sep. 6th, G-Dragon’s “Crooked” is sweeping top places in Korea’s major music charts.

2013. 9. 6.